Andy Wu

Andy Wu

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First Name * Andy
Last Name * Wu
Username * koager
Country * USA
City San Francisco
Languages ChineseEnglish



Availability: student


I am first and foremost both a visual artist and a designer. From my background of visual arts and design, I have gained not only experience and ability but professional expertise. Along with my abilities is my curiosity in the world and my motivation to learn not only in a group setting but also individually on my own to even better myself. Also, having seen and being a part of different cultures I am able to bring various viewpoints into either discussions or my own work.

Stylistically I started out more in illustration and hyper-realism due to my background starting in design and the general knowledge of Renaissance Art. However, after taking various art based classes I've learned that art is not always about an accurate depiction about something as the works created are the artists’ interpretations of the world around them.

In painting, I experience the interaction between colors, the shifts in light and shadow, and the creation of brush strokes. Over in DxArts (Digital Arts and Experimental media) the intention of pieces and how and effectiveness of the intention is conveyed becomes the prominent theme.

Taking everything that I have learned and am learning, I am gradually integrating it into my own works and developing my own artistic style and techniques.